Brian Branigan

Brian Branigan (1958) New York City, is a Hudson Valley resident who over the years has been fortunate to enjoy world travel. He comes from a film background, moving from film school at the early age of 19 into the professional ranks of the film industry. For the next twenty plus years, Brian would work as a union lighting technician and eventual camera crane specialist on films directed by the likes of Martin Scorcese and Alan Parker. He was based out of New York City for thirteen years and in Hollywood for seven years crewing on films starring; Paul Newman, Rober DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson, Faye Dunaway, and Anthony Hopkins to name a few. Working at this level with great cinematographers influenced Brian’s appreciation of light and shadow. Brian also dabbled in directing, shooting a short film on the back lot of Universal Studios in Los Angeles. That film went on to become the opening segment for the 1994 Academy Awards Show. Brian’s love for photography precedes his film career and continues to this day. Brian’s appreciation for timelessness is evident in his work. He seeks out qualities searching for perhaps, a Dorthea Lange or Henri Cartier-Bresson moment. And, it is capturing that moment, be it; a still life, landscape or portrait, as much as the composition of the frame, and the light, that is important to Brian. His goal is to capture beauty in the otherwise ordinary - and to stop the viewer for a moment to appreciate it. The silver gelatin limited edition prints in this series represent the first public exhibition of Brian’s work. He chose these images for their classic timeless quality, that make a landscape into a still life, and a still life and portrait, a special timeless moment frozen in time.

Born: New York City 1958
New York Institute Of Technology: 1976 - 1977
Union lighting technician and camera crane specialist: 1977 - 1998
Jones Beach Lifefguard: 1976 -1981
Outward Bound Instructor (sea program) 1986 - 1989
NYC Multimedia lounge partner / owner: 1998 - 2002
Hudson Design (.us) partner: art director, photographer, videographer, editor 2002 - present
Olivia On Warren (founder / partner): 2008