Allison Culbertson

Allison was born in Philadelphia in 1969. She began making jewelry at an early age, braiding friendship bracelets and anklets. She learned techniques in metalsmithing in high school, but was more intrigued by graphic arts. Allison received her BFA in graphic design with a minor in fine art from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. It was there that she began beading with what ever she could get her hands on – glass seed beads, disassembled store bought pieces, wire, clay.

When Allison moved to New York City in 1991 to pursue her Graphic Design career, a colleague introduced her to the jewelry district and various bead stores – and her passion began. Allison started buying beads every weekend, and she began using finer metals and semiprecious stones in her designs.

In 1994 Allison started a multimedia lounge called vOID. The lounge featured experimental artist films and music; and served as a screening room for independent filmmakers. Allison sold the business in 2002 and relocated to the Hudson Valley. It was then that Allison got in touch with nature, became intrigued with the healing powers of stones, and had the peace and time to focus and create her jewelry.

Today, Allison uses the alias, Ruth Beattie (her birth name) for her jewelry line ( Ruth Beattie jewelry is inspired by nature. Allison, hand selects every bead, stone and finding. Her jewelry is made by hand in her Hudson Studio, Olivia on Warren. Her organic handwoven style creates both delicate and bold designs and makes each piece beautiful, unique and personal.