February 6, 2008
Olivia on Warren Valentines Day Sale

if not for your lover... for your mother.
Celebrate Valentines Day with Ruth Beattie Jewelry.

Hours Thurs-Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment call 943-4292

Valentine Sale

November 22, 2008
Olivia on Warren Holiday Sale

PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR HOLIDAY SALE. This Weekend (11/22&23): Saturday and Sunday 12PM to 6PM and Thanksgiving Weekend: Friday 4PM to 6PM, Saturday and Sunday 12PM to 6PM. 10%-30% off all Jewelry, 10% off all Artwork.

September 29, 2008
Press Release
A Unique Approach To The Gallery Norm

Hudson, NY

It was announced today that Olivia On Warren, a new gallery on Warren Street in Hudson, NY will introduce a unique approach to the gallery norm. Rather than collect the standard 50% commission from the artist, Olivia On Warren will instead charge a $200 up-front fee and limit the commission to 25%. There will still be a selection process in place, meaning that the gallery will only accept works that it feels it can sell, but this direction, says partner Brian Branigan, offers something that we believe is more attractive. And, we like the fact that it differentiates Olivia On Warren from other galleries.

What's different, is that a fee offers artists and owners of art the opportunity to get a better return on pieces sold. For only $200 and a 25% commission, artists and art collectors will be able to display select items for four to five weeks. The payment will include wall space in the Warren Street gallery, insurance coverage, a professionally designed flyer, the opportunity to have an opening reception, a presence on the Olivia On Warren website; including photographs of the artwork and information about the artist, and a full-time person to represent the artwork during gallery hours and by appointment. But, there's more. When the commission income of a given client reaches the $500 mark, the gallery will return $100 of the fee to said client, thereby allowing the artist or art collector to benefit further. One would be hard pressed to find a fraction of these services for the cost.

This is an option that we feel is unique and one that will pique interest, says partner and jewelry designer, Allison Culbertson. This way the gallery is guaranteed $200, but for all that we are offering, we feel that it is a win win for the gallery and for the artist/collector. We're in this together, art is our life blood, so we want to offer the artist and collector a better deal. It also allows us the opportunity to show a greater variety of work. We think that it will be more interesting to the passerby as well, and it gives us some room to make the work more affordable. Our goal is to continuously attract a talented pool of artists near and far and to spice things up on Warren Street. We feel that this does that.

Olivia On Warren: art, design, jewelry, custom furnishings 435 Warren Street, 518.828.0004. Open five days a week, noon to 6PM and by appointment. The gallery is closed Tuesday and Wednesday but open to appointments.