Olivia On Warren came about by accident. What started out as a search for studio space, became a find of Warren Street retail space in Hudson, NY. The space, and our mindset, quickly evolved from studio, to retail to gallery. It was a metamorphosis of sorts that told us what to do. And, before too long, we found ourselves as proud gallery owners.

It is best described as a before and after scenario. If you saw the place before, you would understand our good fortune after. But, a combination of good vision and hard work paid off for us (and the landlord). Our hope is that it's a good omen for what's to come; love what you do, do what you love, work hard and everything will find its way. That's the plan anyway.

Who is Olivia? The name represents a state of mind as much as anything. We like that it has, or can have, different meanings. Is it a person? Is it a man and a woman? Is it a place on a prestigious street? Is it a great new gallery? It is all. We approach this new endeavor as giving life to something that will to grow, and prosper and compliment the community.

Olivia On Warren is a space that is a reflection of who we are and how we like to surround ourselves. It is art, photography, jewelry and design. It is a warm space with interesting music. It is a studio, and a gallery, and a get-away for all to visit. It is inclusive.

As part of the wonderful family of shops and galleries along Warren Street, we feel a responsibility to be inclusive and to get involved. Olivia On Warren looks forward to sponsor various events throughout the year including; workshops, screenings and other events. Look out for notices on our website.

Olivia On Warren is as much a consortium and a way of life as it is a gallery. Therefore, Olivia On Warren is; (hand crafted jewelry), (photography), (print and web design), (digital workshops), and the artists that join us on the journey we call, Oliivia On Warren. But, it is only complete with your visit.

Olivia on Warren proprietors: Allison Culbertson and Brian Branigan